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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Mr. Right

His name is Ken, and he is sitting next to me and occasionally giving me a shiny glimpse when I type this masterpiece concerning him.
I have been obsessed by Ken’s handsome face since I fell in love with him. Every feature is so extraordinarily perfect that sometimes he gives me the illusion that my boyfriend is a Greek portrait. Moreover, among so many features, his eyes are the most attractive part. Ken’s vivid eyes are incredibly deep and alluring that always convey secrets, reveal his and thoughts emotions, or even arouse my desire. His eyes are also changeable. When he works, or when he concentrates on his studies, I can see the conscience, perseverance, or even stubbornness in them. When he comes up with some new ideas or just solves a problem, the eyes become as bright as the azure sky. The eyebrows arch and the eyes shimmer brilliantly. His eyes are so charming that they can draw your attention even when you argue about something with Ken. When we quarrel about some trivial chores, I find the rage from the two furious volcanoes, but for me the holes filled with flame are somewhat wild and dominant. Strange to say, somehow I interpret them as a token of the ambition and the power to be masculine. Nevertheless, the glamour fades in his eyes when he is in the bad mood; they immediately transform themselves into a dark, deep, motionless, and isolated lake. As a canoe floating on the sentimental surface, certainly you can see through the sorrow he feels. In addition, the most irresistible eyes are the ones before he wants to kiss me or hug me. He always does nothing but look at me in a sincere way. I blush as soon as his eyes are fixed upon me. The most irresistible ones are also the most complicated. His eyesight at that moment is a mixture of sincerity, tenderness, passion, temptation, desire, urgency, and mischief. It is like a colorful painting which presents a wonderful world.
Although Ken’s other features are also beautiful on his face, his eyes, definitely play an indispensable role. It is them that make Ken a diverse person who has different aspects and various feelings. Otherwise, no matter how handsome Ken is, he is nothing but a perfect portrait.


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