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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Amazing A-mei
I am so lucky that I can find this article because I think that it’s my pleasure to know an old friend again. I have been A-mei’s loyal fan since 1995, when her voice appeared in Zhang Yu-Sheng’s album. I still remember that female singers at that time mostly sang in an elaborate way, and the situation seemed invariable. All of a sudden, a rough, powerful, and sincere voice came into existence, making me surprised. I had no choice but to listen to her album again and again. Moreover, in 1998, I went to her first concert and I had a great time. I got excited when she sang rock songs with all her strength and was moved into tears when she sang ballads with her sonorous and turbulent voice. Every song seemed a true story with her unique interpretation. Nevertheless, I thought she was capable of singing without using a lot of special techniques. It was her devoted attitude that touched me. In fact, A-mei is not a beautiful girl but I believe she is certainly a charming one. She is passionate on stage and very friendly to her fans off stage. Every time I take part in her activities, she talks to me and other fans as if we were friends or neighbors. Besides, her heart is always full of acknowledgements and modesty for in a lot of award ceremonies and some programs, she always mentions people who help, or inspire her a lot on her way to being a popular singer. Her virtues are another reason why I fall in love with her.
Her ability to overcome and to endure difficulties is also admirable. Not until August, 2004 did I know how brave and strong-willed she was. It was the time she finished her concert in Beijing successfully and prepared to fly back to Taiwan. At that joyful moment, unfortunately, a misfortune fell on her. She was involved in an unnecessary and irrelevant political issue and was questioned by a lot of politicians and people whether she loved Taiwan or not. The vice president even asked her to make a choice between the safeties of Taiwanese and the concerts in Mainland china. What an unfair treatment to her! Luckily, she didn’t be defeated and still took a positive attitude towards life. This year, she has been devoted herself to a series of charitable activities and even went to Africa to send her warmth and love. I think the reason why she is attractive to me and her other fans is not only because of her voice and performance, but also because of what she does and how she faces her life. She gives me a lot of inspiration and has a considerate effect on me. Therefore, I am really glad to write my own article about her. She cannot be replaced forever in my mind!


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