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此處訴說的是一個靈敏.感性.充滿思想.一路順遂卻憤世嫉俗.有小聰明卻一天到晚想用功.遇到貴人含淚感恩.遇到仇人咬牙報仇.循規蹈矩確有著狂放心思 這樣的一個少年 在這樣的一個年代理 所留下的軌跡

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Let me introduce the handsome and excellent person to you . His name is Vincent Chang. He is a professional interpreter. Vincent is not only a good language learner but a person who takes a positive attitude towards life. When he was a student, he did well academically. He also took part in a great many speech contests, which sharpened his English fluency, especailly in the oral aspect. He wasn't afraid of failure and always tried to find some ways to make a progress, challenging himself. He is the person who finds opportunities. He founded the English conversation club in high school and tried taking care of foreign students coming to Taiwan voluntarily. Moreover, when Vincent studied at England, his tuition was totally paid by the school. After coming back to Taiwan, Vincent became the favorite interpreter of many famous corporations and organizations. His ability is also appreciated by many TV stations so that he has been an anchorperson. Now Vincent is a docent in colleges, teaching interpretation and translation for students. He also meets the standards of a good teacher. He is serious in class but willing to share a lot of his own experiences and frustration with students. He likes to encourage them constantly.
Vincent is my role model not only because I wanted to be an interpreter when I was in senior high, but also because he sets a good example for me as a good language learner. I really admire him a lot and I am eager to have a good command of English, just as Vincent did! Since Vincent was a good example, I believe I can fulfill my dreams as long as I follow the steps of him. Nothing can conquer the positive attitude! Keep on going, Danny!


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