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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"If one day he’s your teacher, then he is your father forever.” The proverb at the end of this article is why I choose this one as my material for writing homework, which means I do not want pay any attention to some topics like “how to play piano well” or “children learning music will not go astray”, and so on. Because I have to be an elementary school teacher for at least four years (my tuition is paid by the government so that I must fulfill my obligation after my graduation.) I would like to talk about my career in the future.
I grow up in a family which is mostly composed of teachers. My father is a teacher, and so are many of my relatives. It seems that my environment has a significant influence on my ambition. However, teaching was the last career that I would choose because of the strict training and endless disciplines in my family. As the most rebellious and naughtiest child, I was also the one punished most frequently. In my childhood, teachers equal devils. Of course, little Danny could not imagine that he was going to teach after many years at that time.
So, you may be very curious about what makes me change my mind so considerably? Once I explored my interest and analyzed my personality, I suddenly came to know that I loved the feeling of being asked by classmates and gained a lot of sense of fulfillment during the process. The will to explain, to correct misconceptions and to interact with people gave rise to the decisive way I shall go. To sum up, I take an positive and passionate attitude towards my beloved career. I just want to do my best to solve the problems of students.
Besides, I am really lucky because I have met a lot of good mentors who had gave me inspiration or had set perfect example for me. For instance, when I was a student of English department, NTNU, one professor name Cherry Li (李櫻), who is a very celebrated and outstanding scholar in linguistic field, is who I am thankful for most. Dr. Li not only taught us linguistic knowledge like phonics and phonetics but also taught us some practical methods of teaching English well. I was touched because I knew that there were still some people devoting themselves to education. Sometimes she even told us some of her own experience. In fact, she was ever a senior high school English teacher after graduation from NTNU. She made her dreams of doing academic researches come true with her perseverance and hardworking attitude. “Never confine yourselves to being a teacher.” She suggested that we develop variously even if we may have been a teacher. Truly, a teacher is supposed to keep on going so that his or her students can make a progress. Meeting good instructor is another main reason for my choice.
Nowadays in Taiwan, there are too many people longing for being a teacher. However if you ask these youngsters why they yearn for teaching, the answer of most of them will be like that: “Well, compared with other jobs, the salary is relatively handsome and the load-work is light, too. I can get out of work at 16:00.” I think we can call it the misery of education. Truly, in a constant recession, the payment of a teacher may satisfy people. Nevertheless, do you judge a job by how much money you can get or how much work you have to do? Have you thought about your interest? What attitude you hold to your students? I firmly believe that an educator with enthusiasm certainly has a negative effect on lovely children because his or her work requires a lot of love and patience. I am the person who might change children’s life a lot and I know that I will spare no effort to teach in order to avoid leaving much regret. How about other students who are eager to hold an iron bowl? When “stray teachers” become a new social phenomenon, I think this issue deserves our reflection. Think twice before you make a decision!


  • At 9:59 PM, Blogger 娜娜*大魔王 said…

    hey, you know what...(這裡的標點要用什麼好?)i want to be a teacher because, in my childhood and adolescence, teachers equal devils. what a coincidence! i used to think of the world as a hell. teachers who had once taught me "helped" a lot in this. aged as i grow, i start to change my attitude. now i want to be a teacher that no student hates. well, someone has to be that kind of teacher, or the rate of adolescent suicide (是這樣寫嗎?)will only increase sharper and sharper. it is not a joke. many of us must have thought of killing ourselves. if it is possible, i want to pass my love to the world.

  • At 10:08 PM, Blogger danny said…

    Maybe the word "adolescent" can be replaced with "juvenile." Why I think that? It is because that we use the compound words "juvenile delinquency" to describe the crimes commited by teenagers. (I am not sure and will look it up in a dictionary.)

  • At 4:19 PM, Blogger danny said…

    因為在這幾天 有大學教授墜樓自殺 也有經常樂於助人的特教學生想不開而跳樓
    現代社會是進步了 但苦悶好像完全沒少
    只要往光明面看 人生處處是快樂


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