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此處訴說的是一個靈敏.感性.充滿思想.一路順遂卻憤世嫉俗.有小聰明卻一天到晚想用功.遇到貴人含淚感恩.遇到仇人咬牙報仇.循規蹈矩確有著狂放心思 這樣的一個少年 在這樣的一個年代理 所留下的軌跡

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The following are the letters between me and my teacher. I treasure them a lot and I am really wiling to share with others.

Dear Finn:
How have you been these days? You must have reached the United States for more than one month. I'm so gald that you can make you dreams come true. I guess you may be studying a lot of interesting subjects or doing some academic research such as pragmatics, phonology, semantics or language acquistion, which you enjoy a lot. I have to show my special thanks to you, not only because I overcame all the difficulties and did very well on my college entrance examination, but also because you made me know more about the mysterious field of linguistics. After my examination, I really took a very long break, wanting to throw all the pain and stress I had suffered before. However, I found life meaningless and began to buy some linguistics book in order to explore the subject which I hated a lot when I was in National Taiwan Normal University. I found it was fun when I took a positive attitude towards it. Sometimes I cannot know all the meaning and professional terms in the books but I turn to teachers for help.
Have you been accustomed to the enviornment without lots of students, relitives, friends , and your valentine? Is life there hard and lonely? Or different culture brings a lot of surprise and excitement to you? When will you plan to return Taiwan? I think it's really my fault to write a letter of acknowlegement to you so late.

Hello, Danny,

It's nice to hear from you! You still remember me?! Incredible!

I'm glad that you are interested in linguistics now. How was your university entrance exam? I guess you must have realized you dream and got admitted to your dream school.

Well, my life here has been pretty busy. Everyday my life is centered on readings, reports, quizzes, and exams. Though the study is load is heavy, I am quite happy here coz I don't have to teach anymore. It's a wonderful break from the teaching job I had been doing for so long.

As to loneliness and emptiness, I'm lucky to say that I have never had that kind of feeling since I moved to the US. I'm too occupied with my studies to think of those. I have friends. You know, every weekend, the best way for me to relax is simply do the grocery shopping and cook with my friends. I do enjoy my simple life.

I think I have to go back to my reports (Notice! The word, reports, is in plural form). I have two reports due tomorrow, and what's worse is that I have a test also tomorrow. Gosh! Wish me luck!

Hope you're doing well in university!

Best regards,


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