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此處訴說的是一個靈敏.感性.充滿思想.一路順遂卻憤世嫉俗.有小聰明卻一天到晚想用功.遇到貴人含淚感恩.遇到仇人咬牙報仇.循規蹈矩確有著狂放心思 這樣的一個少年 在這樣的一個年代理 所留下的軌跡

Monday, September 26, 2005

Today, a classmate of my French class, Xavier, told me a really inspiring sentence. It was that he hoped that I can have the enthusiasm which I hold now forever. I think I should keep this sentence which is of great importance for good. The attitude I held toward English teaching in elementary school was that it was inferior to that in high school, which was a totally false one. It dawns on me that only people who have passion for their career can achieve something. Even though the teaching materials in primary school are much easier than those in high school, “how to teach well” is also a big problem. For one thing, it is no doubt that teaching child is more difficult than teaching teenagers. For another, I firmly believe that children are affected more easily by their teachers, which means I will play an influential role in their learning process. Based on all above-mentioned, I certainly have to study much harder than before. More importantly, I am supposed to change my attitude toward my career in the future. (to be continued……)


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