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此處訴說的是一個靈敏.感性.充滿思想.一路順遂卻憤世嫉俗.有小聰明卻一天到晚想用功.遇到貴人含淚感恩.遇到仇人咬牙報仇.循規蹈矩確有著狂放心思 這樣的一個少年 在這樣的一個年代理 所留下的軌跡

Sunday, July 24, 2005

When I know that I really did very well on the college entrance examination, I have no choice but to brust into tears happily. I think that the news is the best present for me, and it's also the reward of the past year. I also think of the boy who studied hard in every midnight, even in the freezing December. Moreover, even though I was spiritually supported by my parents, my sisters, as well as my lovely friends and classmates, the long and lonely days were so unbearable. It's so surprising that I could get through it. Maybe it was another kind of challenge in life. Now, I can be admitted to first-class university, and I really cherish this opportunity. I will always keep on going because I am hardworking little Danny.